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Get To Know All About GroupWise Email Header Here

The Novell offers a messaging and collaboration platform, called GroupWise. It provides different services such as calendaring, instant messaging, email, personal information management, and document management. It consists of desktop client software that is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Moreover, the server software is supported on Linux and Windows Server. It is popular email application with so many unique features. As it emailing application also so, it supports send and receive email feature also. However, when a user receives an email through GroupWise email, it has a unique email header attached to it also. All information, which is stored in this email header is very important from the forensic point of view. Thus, whenever there is a requirement of tracking details related to specific email, Email Header Analysis Software are always required. Hence, in the following sections, a complete detailed analysis of GroupWise email header is also discussed from a security point of view.

"I am working in an organization and here few of my colleagues are working on GroupWise email client by Novell. I am having doubt that they are doing some illegal work through that account. Therefore, I just want to understand the email header of the GroupWise emails. Can I anyone tell how I can view the header of GroupWise email and what is the purpose of each attribute in that."

Why Perform GroupWise Email Header Analysis?

Every user who sends or receives an email using the GroupWise email application by Novell, its already defined server add a unique field of email header in each email. The normal and common header part of each email can easily be viewed by anyone. It contains only basic information of sender and receiver. Apart from this, there is a unique portion of the header part that includes the information, which can widely be used whenever an investigation is performed. Therefore, it becomes necessary to access Email Header because it shows the message source information through which the investigators can perform analysis and collect evidence for resolving any cybercrime case.

Procedure to View GroupWise Email Header

The user of GroupWise email application can easily open and view the complete email header part of a particular email and which is attached with each and every email message. A user can get detailed information about the received emails using this method. However, the complete header part of an email is not visible to every user in the original mail. Thus, one can open header file in GroupWise email with help of steps given below:

  • First of all, a user needs to login to Novell GroupWise email application and enter valid credentials


  • After that, open particular email for which you want email header
  • Now, in the message window, go to File tab
  • Then, click on Attachments and after that on View option

Compose Message Tab

  • In last, choose Mime.822 attachment

View Header Part

Detailed Description of GroupWise Email Header Attributes

After showing the complete header of GroupWise email application, in this segment of the post, a detailed description of each attribute in GroupWise email header is covered. From forensic or cybercrime point of view it is important to become aware of each field in the email header of GroupWise:

Received: The most important attribute of the email header that allows users in tracing the relevant information, for example, Sender's IP address, host and other relevant information that is related to the specified email delivery path.

Date: The date attribute of GroupWise email header will present the date and time at which the email message is received by a user and in a standard format, which can easily be understood by a user.

From: It determines the name of the senders from whom email has been received in the GroupWise profile and it shows the email ID of the common user also.

X-Mailer: It is the attribute, which displays the name of the software application that was used by the sender while an email message. It is also important from investigation perspective.

X-Priority: This field signifies the importance of the message to receiver. Mainly, it is displayed with stars, exclamation points, or flags.

Message-ID: This field identifies the unique ID for each mail so that it becomes easy to identify each email separately. For example, it is unique id assigned to each employee in an organization and which can be useful for internet service provider.

To: In GroupWise email 'To' header field determine the email address of the receiver or to whom email is to be delivered.

Subject: It is a technical parameter that includes the subject line of source email message.

MIME-Version: MIME or Multi-Purpose Internet mail extension is an important attribute from email forensic point of view. It is an internet email protocol that allows users to exchange data through world wide web. A user can easily transmit any kind of data such as audio, application program, video, ASCII text, etc., with help this protocol.

Value: 1.0

Content-Type: The GroupWise email content0type identifies the way through which complete email is displayed in the application. Different types of content-type represent the structure of email messages.

X-pstn-levels: It is spam score which is separated by a slash and results discarded message.

Return-Path: A return-path which can also be called, envelope sender address and bounce address is an email address on which bounces emails are to be delivered. Its main usage is to give information about reverting bounce messages.

Value: Email id of the sender.

X-Auto-Response-Suppress: The main aim of this header is that it is used by Microsoft Exchange and does not allow other Exchange Server from sending auto-replies with that header.


GroupWise email header analysis plays very important role in performing any type of cybercrime investigation that involves depth analysis of GroupWise emails. In this post, we have discussed all header attribute of GroupWise in detail that could be helpful for forensics investigators. Moreover, GroupWise email header analyzer provides Forensic Email Search Tool for determining details within emails.