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Complete Guide on Roundcube Email Header

Being capable to understand the full Email Headers, As well as internet headers can be beneficial in troubleshooting the common issues of delivery for finding the causes behind bounced message as well as identifying spam emails from real ones. The information displayed by default by the email header is sender as well as recipient email addresses. The time stamp displaying while an email was received, but this is not all that header part contains. Most email applications do not reveal the complete headers, so things like the return path of the email or SPF record are hidden. Out of which, one such email application is Roundcube email client that is utilized by the users.Roundcube is a web-based IMAP email application that uses Ajax technology. It is written in PHP and support LAMP with stack as well as other OS, which support PHP as well. The web server needs to utilize the IMAP server hosting email and SMTP as a server for sending messages. It is a free as well as open source software that subjects to terms of GPL via exceptions for plugins. In the following section, we will discuss the complete Roundcube email header analysis.

How to View Roundcube Message Header?

  • Firstly, Login to Roundcube Webmail
  • Then, open mail message >> click on more option.
  • From the drop-down list, you will get an option, Show Source.
  • Choose the icon to view Email Headers.

show source

Roundcube Email Header Analysis

Emails insurance the path for every kind of corruptions and attack to a company. To deal properly with UCE and spam, In Roundcube it is essential to discover the underlying reason by analyzing out email headers proficiently. On moving towards the evidences from message, an investigator can read the whole details of an email message that is based on Roundcube header format and appropriately refer to the structure of emails. It confirms the development as well as outlines of the fields of SMTP message header.

Extraction of Roundcube Mail View Full Header Information

roundcube email header

Return-Path: Every email message has a hidden field that is called "Return-Path" address. It is even known as "bounce address" or "envelope sender address". It is an address of mail message from where it came from. It is an address that gives notice of undeliverable email messages that are sent. When users send email from the script on servers then, Return-Path will automatically set value that is by default work via our servers. However, it is expected for scripts to be written to override default Return-Path. One cannot send any email messages by utilizing a Return-Path address of the names of domain that are not hosted. For this, users must make scripts and avoid set a custom Return-Path address if it ends through the domain name.

Receiver: This facility covers the field of headers, which are received in every mail message process. It covers address of sender's IP and completes the details of TLS, i.e. Transport Layer Security. This means that there is safe as well as secure extent from sending server from the specific server message is deal with. The digital signature is mainly added that let the machine to make difference between NDRs, it results from spammers by using forged address as well as the timestamp. The mail server may enhance the complete details to the header, which shows displays email was received through TLS from security service.

From: This shows to whom the email message is from; though, this can be simply copied. It is the least dependable as well.

Subject: This specifies what sender placed as the topic of email content that is sent. It provides an idea related to what email covers actually.

Date: It displays date as well as time of an email message that was composed. It creates easy for users to identify the whole as well as crucial details related to the composed date of content.

To: It displays to whom email message was addressed however, may not enfold receiver's address.

Mime-Version: It is one that benefits in specifying the edition of MIME protocol, which was utilized by sender in sending email. Comparable to other MIME headers, this is mainly ignorable though the most of modern mail programs will do the correct thing with it.

X-AntiAbuse Header: It is a header that is added for tracking an abuse or spam report that is included with any abuse report.


Analysis of an email header plays crucial role in the investigation of forensic for finding out the criminal. One such email client is Roundcube, In the above discussion, we have discussed the whole Roundcube Email header analysis. Also, Some tools such as Forensic Mail Search can be used, As it can help the users in understanding as well as performing the investigation.